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DataObjects.Net Entity Model Designer

Entity Model Designer (DSL) for ORM Framework - DataObjects.Net (Visual Studio 2010)

Contributors WANTED !

Please drop me line if you want to help developing DataObjects.Net Entity Model Designer.

DataObjects.Net Entity Model Designer is addin/extension for Visual Studio 2010 to allow modeling persistent types for ORM development framework - DataObjects.Net.




Watch Designer in action:


Download latest version - Alpha Version 1.0.5

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Addin adds two item templates into Visual Studio (Add New Item... within existing project)
  • DataObjects.Net Entity Model Designer (DSL Designer)
    • Supported languages: C# and VB.NET
  • DataObjects.Net Entity Model Generator (T4 template generator)
    • Supported languages: C# and VB.NET
  • Item template DataObjects.Net Entity Model Designer Generator invokes model file picker dialog to select model on which will T4 template works on
(see screenshots in Item Templates)

DSL Designer

DSL Designer supports basic modeling of persistent types (for DataObjects.Net)
  • Addin register new file type for model file - extension *.dom into Visual Studio and also into Windows as file extension
  • Persistent types supported so far:
    • Interface, Entity, Structure, Typed EntitySet
  • Persistent Types support:
    • Scalar Properties
    • Navigation Properties (including Associations)
    • Indexes
    • Base Type for Entity Types (base type inheritance)
    • Multiple interface(s) inheritance
  • Designer also support basic validations on created model
(see screenshots in Model Designer)

T4 Generator

  • T4 template file (*.tt) will generate persistent classes from model file (*.dom)

Note: This version is an preview version, which means that it is not recommended to make real-production models 
of your application with this version. 
DSL model internals can (and will) be changes in next versions, and there will be no in-place upgrade of model file(s) 
from this alpha version to any next version. This is just experimental-alpha version.

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