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DSL Designer Documentation

Features supported so far in current version of DataObjects.Net Entity Model Designer

Designer support 4 kind of persistent type:
  • Interface
  • Entity
  • Structure
  • Typed EntitySet

Inheritance (single or multiple) is supported:
  • Interface, Entity and Structure can define multiple (0..*) inheritance from other Interfaces
    • equivalent to C# where class or interface can inherit multiple interfaces
  • Entity can defined base entity type
    • equivalent to C# where class can inherit only from one other class

Property Associations:
  • Persistent types (all but Typed EntitySet) can define reference property with multiplicity:
    • Zero to One (0..1)
    • One (1)
    • Many (0..*)
      • Property Association defined as multiplicity Many can define custom EntitySet type (Typed EntitySet)

Typed EntitySet (custom EntitySet):
  • Persistent type of kind Typed EntitySet will generate collection like class derived from Xtensive's EntitySet. This allows customization on such custom type.

Screencast tutorials shows how to work with Designer:

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